About NTI

Northeast Technical Institute (NTI) is a nationally accredited trade and technical school offering technical training to adults in Maine. We pride ourselves on offering individual attention, hands-on training and extensive career support services in the areas of Trade, Tech, and Health. Each year we help five to seven hundred students and their families enjoy a better way of life while bolstering the local workforce and promoting economic growth.

We are defined by our mission to develop and deliver excellent career and continuing education, and by the relationships we build with local employers. Compared to colleges, universities, and large conglomerate schools, we are a small and dynamic, locally owned school with ties deeply seeded in Maine. This allows us to work tirelessly on the student’s behalf while being able to respond quickly to industry trends.

Our strategic plan identifies and provides institutional awareness of four key areas of focus that provide a clear plan with which NTI will strive to continue meeting the needs of the students, businesses and communities we serve. The pages that follow contain our mission, our vision, our core values and the four are as on which we’ll work over the next three years to sustain excellence in career education.

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We provide short-term, hands-on career training that is driven by industry needs, national certifications, and employer partnerships, with the goal of employment opportunities for our graduates.


NTI will be a trusted leader in delivering exceptional career and continuing education. We will use student relationships, employer connections, and community outreach to ensure leading edge training in relevant fields, resulting in a direct impact in the local economy and positive economic growth.


We hope to leave a powerful legacy of helping people within our communities change their lives. Through helping individuals acquire skills for advancement, we hope to become synonymous with workforce development and economic growth in Maine.

Core Values


We believe that anything is possible, and that in a positive environment, success is all but guaranteed. We embrace positivity and promote confidence each day. In and around each campus we focus on lifting each other up and providing a positive place for students to develop their approach to success.


We operate honestly and ethically above and beyond industry standards. We deliver on our commitment to every student. Our employees, at all levels, lead by example and strive to do the right thing for our students and for each other. We are disciplined professionals who strive to be honest, straightforward and dependable.


The world is full of opportunities and possibilities. We provide short-term, skill-specific training in a value driven environment. We seek to provide life changing opportunities and relentless student support to those willing to pursue their dream. We stand steadfast with our students in our commitment to overcome challenges and achieve success both in and out of the classroom.


We embrace change. What we do tomorrow will reflect not what we’ve always done, but what is necessary to reach tomorrow’s students and to meet the needs of future employers. As the job market changes and as technology allows, we strive to adapt and meet the demands of tomorrow.


Through our understanding of the ever-changing business climate, we engage and support our business partners to deliver the best training and provide more opportunities for our graduates. Because of our robust partnerships, we are able to develop and maintain the curricula and training resources that meet the demands of today’s businesses.