Clinical Medical Assistant I

Program Hours: 661
Assigned Course Preparation Hours: 165
Academic Credits: 38

Program Description

After introducing students to the allied health field, this program trains students in medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, phlebotomy skills, EKG skills, medical assisting skills, electronic health records, and medical insurance and billing through a combination of classroom and laboratory instruction. Students who continue on to the Clinical Medical Assistant II program learn additional computer skills, pharmacology, and in-depth medical coding.

Learning Objectives

  • Students prepare to serve  as entry-level Clinical Medical Assistants, Administrative Medical Assistants, Medical Receptionists, Medical Insurance Billers, and Medical Records Specialists in physician offices, outpatient care centers, hospitals, chiropractor offices, and nursing homes.
  • Students train to take medical histories, record vital signs, review patient medication lists, explain treatment procedures to patients, prepare patients for examinations, perform venipuncture and capillary blood collection, perform electrocardiogram tests, give injections, and assist physicians during examinations.

Methods of Instruction

Students learn from computer-based content with instructor consultation. The clinical portion of the program consists of lecture and hands-on training.


Refer to the Student Catalog and Handbook for the full list of policies.


Course sequence is subject to change based on instructor discretion.

Course Name/SyllabusNumberProgram HoursPreparation Hours
Introduction to Allied HealthSAH-0015012
Medical TerminologySAH-0027519
Anatomy and Physiology 1SAH-0047519
Anatomy and Physiology 2SAH-0057519
Electronic Health RecordsSAH-0067519
Medical BillingSAH-0087519
Phlebotomy SkillsSAH-0138020
EKG SkillsSAH-014204
Medical Assisting SkillsSAH-01513634