Medical Lab Assistant

Program Hours: 630
Assigned Course Preparation Hours 157
Academic Credits: 36

Program Description

Medical Laboratory Assistants, sometimes known as clinical support workers, help scientists and medical staff to diagnose and treat patients. They work throughout the health service industry in wards, clinics, and laboratories.  The course provides students with theoretical knowledge in the form of medical terminology, anatomy & physiology, and electronic health records. Students will also learn front-office skills related to computers and patient interaction as well as clinical medical lab skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Students prepare for entry-level positions as Medical Laboratory Assistants and may perform duties in hospitals, medical offices, clinics, or private laboratories.
  • Students perform venipuncture, butterfly, and syringe methods, capillary blood collection, electrocardiography with basic interpretation, and infection control.
  • Students practice medical lab skills.
  • Students gain a solid foundation in human anatomy & physiology.

Methods of Instruction

Students learn from computer-based content with instructor consultation. The clinical portion of the program consists of lecture and hands-on training.


Refer to the Student Catalog and Handbook for the full list of policies.


Course sequence is subject to change based on instructor discretion.

Course Name/SyllabusNumberProgram HoursPreparation Hours
Introduction to Allied HealthSAH-0015012
Medical TerminologySAH-0027519
Anatomy and Physiology 1SAH-0047519
Anatomy and Physiology 2SAH-0057519
Professional Development for Allied HealthSAH-012256
Computer Skills for Allied HealthSAH-0037519
Electronic Health RecordsSAH-0067519
Phlebotomy SkillsSAH-0138020
EKG SkillsSAH-014205
Medical Lab SkillsSAH-0168020