Phlebotomy Skills

Course Number: SAH-013
Course Hours: 80
Assigned Course Preparation Hours: 20

Course Description

This course prepares students to practice phlebotomy correctly and safely. It explains the role of a phlebotomist within the healthcare setting, provides a foundation in medical terminology and human body systems, details the use of blood collection equipment and procedures, and offers tips on how to handle special blood and non-blood specimen collections. This clinical phlebotomy course combines classroom instruction and hands-on training for the skills necessary for performing venipuncture.

Learning Objectives

  1. Read and interpret written and electronic test requisitions.
  2. Perform proper venipuncture procedures which will assist the provider in their clinical diagnosis
  3. Document and maintain accurate records and quality control logs.
  4. Multitask and prioritize all duties and responsibilities.
  5. Maintain a safe and OSHA compliant work environment.
  6. Maintain the highest level of professionalism.
  7. Test for a national certification.
  8. Upon completion of the course, students will have a minimum of 50 draws, with a minimum of 30 being successful draws

Educational Resources

This course is based on Phlebotomy Skills and Student Workbook for Phlebotomy Essentials. It is delivered via classroom instruction.


Refer to the Student Catalog and Handbook for the full list of policies.

Assessment Weights

Class Participation & Discussions: 20%
Quizzes: 30%
Midterm Exam: 20%
Final Exam: 30%


11Phlebotomy Past and Present and the Healthcare SettingPages 2-4
2Quality Assurance and Legal Issues in HealthcarePages 22-23
2Quiz: Ch. 1 & 23Infection Control, Safety, First Aid, and Personal WellnessPages 40-42
7Blood Collection Equipment, Additives, and Order of DrawPages 124-127
3Quiz: Ch 3 & 78Venipuncture ProceduresPages 140-141
10Capillary Puncture Equipment and ProceduresPages 184-185
4Quiz: Ch 8 & 10Midterm Exam ReviewMidterm Exam Review
5Midterm Exam9Preanalytical ConsiderationsPages 164-166
6Quiz: Ch. 911Special Collections and Point-of-Care TestingPages 204-205
712Computers and Specimen Handling and ProcessingPages 228-230
8Quiz: Ch 11 & 1213Nonblood Specimens and TestsPages 246-247
9Final Exam ReviewFinal Exam Review
Practicum: Straight stick, butterfly, and capillary puncture.
10Final Exam