Clinical Medical Assistant II

Program Hours: 1111
Assigned Course Preparation Hours: 278
Academic Credits: 61
Prerequisites: CMA I, MLA or MCB

Program Description

This program encompasses nearly all NTI School of Allied Health courses including courses related to theoretical medical knowledge, front-office skills, and hands-on clinical practice. Students qualify to enroll in this program by completing one of three programs: CMA I, MLA, MCB. Graduates of CMA I or MLA enroll in CMA  II to acquire additional front-office skills. Graduates of MCB enroll to master clinical skills.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives vary for each student depending on which prerequisite program the student has already completed. CMA I and MLA graduates focus on front-office skills. MCB students master clinical skills.

Methods of Instruction

Students learn from computer-based content with instructor consultation. The clinical portion of the program consists of lecture and hands-on training.


Refer to the Student Catalog and Handbook for the full list of policies.


Course sequence is subject to change based on instructor discretion.

Course Name/SyllabusNumberProgram HoursPreparation Hours
Introduction to Allied HealthSAH-0015012
Medical TerminologySAH-0027519
Anatomy and Physiology 1SAH-0047519
Anatomy and Physiology 2SAH-0057519
Computer Skills for Allied HealthSAH-0037519
Electronic Health RecordsSAH-0067519
Pharmacology for Allied HealthSAH-0075012
Medical BillingSAH-0087519
Medical Coding 1SAH-00910025
Medical Coding 2SAH-01012531
Administrative Medical AssistingSAH-01710025
Phlebotomy SkillsSAH-0138020
EKG SkillsSAH-014205
Medical Assisting SkillsSAH-01513634