Introduction to Allied Health – Advanced

Course Number: SIT-001A
Course Hours: 75
Assigned Course Preparation Hours: 19

Course Description

This course introduces allied health students to core healthcare concepts including the history of healthcare, prevention, scope of practice, terminology, delivery models, insurance, HIPAA, The Affordable Care Act, interpersonal dynamics, diversity, telephone etiquette, teamwork, disease transmission, infection control, chain of infection, OSHA, compassion, ethics, Patient’s Bill of Rights, medial records, professionalism, personal appearance, professional development, medical terminology, and Anatomy and Physiology.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the basic parts of computer hardware.
  2. Create Microsoft Word documents.
  3. Create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
  4. Create Microsoft PowerPoint slideshows.

Educational Resources

This course is based on Health Careers Today. It is delivered via the NTI Canvas LMS.


Refer to the Student Catalog and Handbook for the full list of policies.

Assessment Weights

Course Grade

Quizzes 30%
Mid-term: 30%
Final: 40%


Course Outline

ModuleTopicDuration (Hours)
1Health Care of the Past, Present, and Future3
2Interpersonal Dynamics, Systems, and Communications3
3Safety, Health, and Environmental Practices3
4Ethics and Legal Responsibilities3
5Culture and Health Care3
6Employability and Career Development2
7Academic Foundation3
8Wellness, Growth, and Development2
Midterm Exam1
11Medical Terminology3
12Body Organization3
13Integumentary System3
14Cardiovascular System3
15Circulatory System3
16Respiratory System3
17Skeletal System3
18Muscular System3
19Digestive System3
20Urinary System3
21Endocrine System3
22Nervous System3
23Sensory System3
24Reproductive System3
25Information and Administration Careers3
Final Exam1